Brush Cutter Blade or nylon string Installation

First, Install holder A, the blade ,holder B , washer 8,in this order ,then clamp with a lefthand thread bolt.
Align hole of gear case and holder A, and insert S=4mm bar wrench. Rotate blade—fastening bolt with plug box wrench in clockwise direction until securely
tightened. For nylon strings, the placement is the same, just replace the blade with a nylon cutter string plate.

Excessive vibration of blade means that it is not properly installed. Stop engine immediately and check blade. Blade improperly installed will cause injury.
Use only our company original cutting equipment parts when servicing the unit. Only use Equipment designed for brush cutter use.

grass cutting blades

nylon string cutter plate

nylon string cutter plate



Installing grinding stone in the cutter head

For blade sharpening use.
Everything screw it by following “installing a blade” instruction above but left out the cutter holder cap. and tighten with screw. See picture.
*This is optional: it is not recommended to do so, although it can be done. Use it at your own risk.

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