Safety Tips of using brush cutter

Safety Tips of using brush cutter
To reduce the risk of injury from loss of control and blade contact, place the unit on your back only when the engine is idling and the cutting tool is stopped.

Toxic Fumes
Your power tool produces toxic exhaust fumes as soon as the engine is running.
These fumes may be colorless and odorless. Never run the engine indoors or in poorly ventilated locations. Ensure proper ventilation when working in trenches, hollows or other confined locations.

To reduce the risk of fire, keep hot exhaust gases and hot muffler away from easily combustible materials (eg. wood chips, bark, dry grass, fuel). Do not smoke while operating or standing near your power tool. Note that combustible fuel vapor may escape from the fuel system.

Work calmly and carefully — in daylight conditions and only when visibility is good.
Stay alert at all times so as not to endanger others.
Use your power tool only for the operations described in the instruction manual.
To reduce the risk of personal injury from thrown objects, never operate the unit without the proper shield.
Before cutting, inspect the area for stones, glass, pieces of metal or other solid objects which could damage the cutting tool or be thrown and cause damage to property( e.g. parked vehicle. windows)

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