Guidelines for keeping and caring your brush cutter

Pulling the starter – never release too fast

The proper to start is to pull quickly and short pull. Don’t stretch it to furthest, halfway should be ok. After pull NEVER release your hand immediately, slowly let it pull your hand back. If you release immediately after pulling, it will damage the coil spring inside. So go like this, quick pull, drag back, quick pull, drag back…


Picture to "Drain the fuel tank"

Drain the fuel tank

Before putting your brush cutter away, you should clean it thoroughly and completely drain the fuel tank. To empty the carburetor, start the engine with an empty tank and allow it to idle until it runs out of fuel or just release it beneath the caburetor. Inspect the brush cutter for dirt and, if necessary, allow it to dry before putting it away.

Drained fuel is best not to be used again (gas loses), instead fresh fuel should be used to keep your engine healthy. Best drained when you do not use it for around 1 month. Because 2T oil inside fuel tank will sink in time, and when that happens it will make your engine hard to start, clogging the carburetor. So you need to open it up and clean it.

The Best Practice is to only fill enough fuel you need (normally 600ml – half tank), add more when needed.

Picture to "Inspect the spark plug"

Inspect the spark plug

Remove the spark plug and take a look at its electrodes. If these have a light brown colour, the spark plug is OK. A spark plug with electrodes of any other colour must be cleaned or replaced. If it blacked out, replace it.

Picture to "Inspect the metal cutting tool"

Inspect the cutting blade

Remove the cutting blade, clean it and inspect it for damage. Apply corrosion protection to the tool like WD-40 spray. If necessary, you can have your cutting blade sharpened by your dealer or yourself using grinding stone.

Picture to "Keep the mowing line moist"

Keep the mowing line moist

In order to keep the mowing line flexible, you should remove the line spool from the mowing head and store it in a moist place. Two or three days before you use the brush cutter again, place the mowing line in water to ensure that it is flexible


Give your machine proper Inspection and Service

Inspect and service at every 50 hours , including cleaning ignition plug, fuel filter, fuel strainer , carbon removal from muffler, cylinder, cleaning spark arrestor.

Use good quality 2T oil

Good quality 2T oil has it advantage, engine easy to start, better engine performance, and healthier engine. You have to use listed ratio amount of 2T oil for optimum engine performace.
Too much will cause lots of white exhaust, and spark plug dies quickly, worst still engine won’t start which resulted in clogging. Too Little can cause unsmooth engine performace, destroying cylinder block and piston, caused by too little lubrication.

Following all this will ensure you to have a pleasant experience with your brush cutter. Making your brush cutter last even longer.


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