Brush Cutter Maintenance









Checking and Cleaning

• Scrape off the carbon from the spark plug gap
0.6-0.7mm (.023″.028″)
• Clean the cylinder exhaust port and muffler.
• Remove the grasses or dusts
entered in the cylinder cover or fan case cover (otherwise they may cause a trouble such as an overheating).
• Inspect carefully for any fuel or oil leaks.
•Check all nuts, bolts, screws, etc. , making sure
they are tightened and secured as they should
• Lubricate Gear Case, every 25 hours of use.







Lubricating Flexible Shaft
• Check film of lubricant about every 10 hours
of operation.
• Remove flexible shaft from clutch case.
• Pull the shaft (1) out of the protective tube
(2) and note installed position.
• lf shaft has turned blue, fit a new one.

•Refit flexible shaft (1) in the protective tube
(2) — turn it 180° from the original installed
position and push it home as far as stop.
• Insert the flexible shaft into the clutch
case — turn the shaft back and forth at the
same time.

Extended Storage
• Inspect, clean and repair unit if necessary.
• Remove all fuel from tank.
• Start engine- This will consume all fuel in fuel line and carburetor.
• Remove spark plug and pour one tea spoon of clean motor oil into spark plug hole of cylinder-replace spark plug.
• Store in clean, dry, dust free area.



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