Brush Cutter Cutting Blade

There are various kind of cutting blades, we will discuss few kinds here.

Normal Cutting Blade

This cutting blade is suitable for all kinds of soft green plants and weeds. Not good for shrubs, wood based plant.

-Large cutting radius
-work fast and work best for field cutting.
-Easy to sharpen



tri bladeTri Cutting Blade ( or more blades)

This cutting blade is suitable for all kinds of soft green plants and weeds. Much more powerful because of short multiple blades. Powerful enough for small shrubs, small wood based plant(rose). This is not intended for trees or wood cutting, cutting hard objects is dangerous, and is strongly not recommended.
-small cutting radius
-Best for farming area(Kebun) where lots of small baby trees growing everywhere at “not so flat” surface.
-spins faster – *up to 10000rpm



Nylon cutting plateNylon String Cutting

Nylon is suitable for all kinds of soft green plants and weeds, it does no harm to hard objects like pottery, trees, bricks…etc. Because of this advantage, you can trim any corner, or narrow area easily. Nylon string cutting is perfect and highly recommended for home garden use, it is safe, economical, and easy to use. Just replace the string when it worn out.

-safety, you don’t need to worry of cutting your legs(when you wear boots)

-can be used up to eight pieces of string(2 or 4 is sufficient)


Proper way to cut
cut grass methodOperate your brush cutter by sweeping the brushcutter an arc like a scythe left-right left-right. Resharpen the cutting blade when it has dulled noticeably.


*Warning! Improper use of a grass & blade may cause it to crack, chip or shatter. Thrown parts may injure the operator or bystanders. To reduce the risk of personal injury it is essential to take the following
— Avoid contact with hard or solid objects such as stones, rocks or pieces of metal.
— Inspect the grass blade at regular short intervals for signs of damage. Do not continue working with a damaged grass blade.
Resharpen the grass blade regularly (when it has dulled noticeably) and have it balanced if necessary.

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