TL33 Brush Cutter Reviews

Mitsubishi TL33 replica

A Replicate of Original Mitsubishi TL33 brush cutter model. The engine is made to exactly the same as mitsubishi TL33 engine as well as the spare parts. Popular, cheap yet reliable. As you already know, the most important thing to check for any machinery is to have spare parts replacement readily available(like cars), so even when it breaks down there is tons of cheap spare parts easily available in the market.  So no worries, we have all full range spare parts for this machine, just browse through our online store for it. This is probably the most popular brush cutter is being used in malaysia.

This machine is perfect for home garden or kampung use, as well as grass cutting service part timer.

Normal use of this brush cutter is extremely durable(just remember to remove all the fuel inside carburetor when you want to keep for a long time).


Model : TL33 (BG330)
Discharging capacity: 32.8cc
Net weight: 9.5kg
Standard power: 0.9kw/6500r/min
Fuel tank capacity: 1.2 Litre
Form of carburetor : Float Type
Engine : 2 stroke
Mixed fuel ratio :  30:1

The engine is completely assembled, you’ll just need to connect the brush cutter into a piece before use. But don’t worry, it is as easy as it sounds. mostly connecting and screw driving only. A complete set of tool is provided for you. See this post for how to assemble a brush cutter. Instruction is provided in the manual as well.  If you still have problems please contact us, we are always there to help.

More helps for starter
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2 Responses to TL33 Brush Cutter Reviews

  1. yazidceo says:

    Question. This TL33 is replica… Means it’s not original Mitsubishi?

  2. hisham says:

    This machine made in..?
    Best price..?