Brush Cutter TB43 Reviews

A larger engine displacement of 43cc which makes this a powerful brush cutter, designed for user who wants more power. This TB43 is a replicate of Original Mitsubishi TB43 brush cutter model. Copied the original Mitsubishi TB43 engine as well as the spare parts. This Machine is an improved version of TL43 just like other mitsubishi models, In terms of improved Noise reduction, better engine cooling system New Engine Housing and others. Spare Parts compatible with all TB43 parts. Spare parts easily available and economical.


This machine is IDEAL for home garden or kampung use, as well as grass cutting service part timer, especially useful for people who owns farm(kebun). Because of its higher output power. It can easily cut off baby trees of around 1 inch commonly found in farm area. Thus making your work hassle free, more efficient and faster.

Normal use of this brush cutter is extremely durable(just remember to remove all the fuel inside carburetor when you want to keep for a long time).














Model : TB43
Discharging capacity: 42.7cc
Dry weight: 10.3kg(Engine)
Standard power: 1.25kw/6500rpm
Maximum speed : 7000rpm(gear shaft)/9000rpm(engine)
Fuel tank capacity: 1.3 Litre
Form of carburetor : Float Type
Engine : Air-cooled; 2 cycle;
Mixed fuel ratio : 30:1

The engine is completely assembled, you’ll just need to connect the brush cutter into a piece before use. But don’t worry, it is as easy as it sounds. mostly connecting and screw driving only. Check our guide for more info. A complete set of tool is provided for you. Instruction is provided in the manual as well. you can check here for our strimmer installation guide. If you still have problems please contact us, we are always there to help.

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