Brush Cutter BG328 review

Brush Cutter BG328, a replicate version of the origin Tanaka 328 Model, its a very popular grass cutting machine that you can see many people use it in malaysia.

This machine is ideal for home garden use.
-Very Durable
-Spare parts easily available and economic
-Spring mounting for better anti-vibration
-light weight & comfortable


Model : BG328
Discharging capacity: 32.8cc
Net weight: 7.8kg
Fuel tank capacity: 1.2 Litre
Form of carburetor : Float Type
Engine : 2 stroke
Mixed fuel ratio : 30:1


Complete set and accessories are given ,so you can straight away start cutting.

Please proceed to our brush cutter online store to purchase.


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One Response to Brush Cutter BG328 review

  1. matthew smith says:

    I need a fuel tank for a tanaka trimmer the one off the Brush Cutter BG328 will work how much does one cost and where can I order one